Non Surgical FAQ

Why choose a non-surgical procedure?

Non-surgical procedures are an excellent option for individuals who aren't prepared to make the jump to plastic surgery. These procedures are considered "lunchtime" treatments meaning very little or no downtime, less expensive and typically provide a preliminary solution for those who aren't considering a more invasive procedure.

Our dedicated team of professionals consists of plastic surgeons, nurses, and medical aestheticians working in the best interests of our patients to deliver superior care. We work with each patient to build a treatment plan which manages expectations to achieve real results under any budget. The Precision Medical group performs monthly internal training to ensure our professional acumen exceed legislative and peer standards.

Why choose Precision Medical?
What are non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures include Botox injections, dermal filler injections, PRP injections, laser treatments and other machine or needle-based treatment options.

How long do non-surgical procedure last?

Non-surgical procedures vary in length based on the type of treatment received and the metabolism of the patient. Generally, these options last 3-12 months, however, some procedures can be noticed over two years later. Several visits may be required to see the full result of the respective treatment.

When you book a consultation with Precision Medical, the registered nurse will develop a treatment plan for approval by the plastic surgeons. This plan will detail your expectations, health history, desired outcomes and budget. Based on these parameters, our professional team will recommend several options for you to choose from.

How do I know which option is right for me?

Risks of non-surgical procedures vary based on the treatment received. Generally, these options present far fewer and less severe risks than invasive procedures. All risks associated with your treatment will be carefully defined in your treatment plan.

What are the risks of a non-surgical procedure?
What's the downtime of non-surgical procedures?

Downtime from non-surgical procedures is minimal. It should be expected that symptoms such as  bruising, swelling, and redness of the skin can last up to two days or longer.

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How do I book a consultation?

The price range varies greatly for non-surgical procedures To get a better understanding of what your treatment will cost, click the pricing button below. To look at our available procedures select the "Non Surgical Options" tab. 

What do these procedures cost?