Neck Lift


Loose, sagging neck skin is often among the first signs of facial ageing. Lax skin often referred to as a turkey neck or wattle, can appear even when the rest of your face remains youthful. People with unflattering neck issues often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Whether it is due to factors that include ageing or extreme weight loss, a neck lift can rejuvenate and tighten the soft tissue, leaving patients looking as young as they feel.



The ideal patient that can benefit from the submental liposuction is a patient who has local fat deposits in the neck without significant laxity of the skin and muscle. This localized fat is often called the “double chin.”  Neck lift surgery is also a popular procedure for men, who often develop neck fullness, sagging, or both as they age.


Liposuction is often performed along with a neck lift to extract excess fat, improve contour, and provide a slimmer, more youthful look to the neck. When appropriate, a neck lift can be combined with a chin implant, the overall results of which can be dramatic.


This procedure is one of the most common procedures at Precision Medical as the benefits of a neck lift are plentiful. It will rejuvenate your neck and re-creating your sharp, youthful appearance you once had, as the jaw and neckline will be well-defined.



A full facelift by definition includes a neck lift, but a neck lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure if you’re satisfied with your face’s appearance. General anaesthesia is usually provided during treatment. The Precision team will begin your procedure by creating incisions behind the ears and/or beneath the chin in which excess skin and fat will be removed. The neck muscles (platysma) may also be released and/or altered to help achieve a tighter neck appearance. When the neck sculpting is completed, the surgeons will then proceed by redraping the skin in its new position and closing the incisions behind the ears and/or beneath the chin with sutures.

Typically, the surgery will last anywhere from two to three hours or longer, should the patient choose to have other procedures performed as well.


Post-Treatment Care

After surgery, the patient will be placed in dressings and a compression garment that will support the new position of the neck muscles and prevent bruising and swelling. In some cases, drains may be placed that require removal within several days along with the postoperative bandages. Sutures will usually be removed within seven to 10 days and the compression garment worn at night for four weeks.



Patients are able to return to work within one week but full unrestricted physical activity is typically not reinstated until six weeks following surgery to allow proper time for the incisions to heal. After the swelling and bruising resolve, the patient will be left with a more youthful looking neck. With results from the procedure being long-lasting, patients can look forward to a renewed appearance. Precision Medical's advanced techniques are specifically designed as a natural-looking enhancement that is tailored to the unique anatomy and goals of each patient.