Mommy Makeover


Motherhood is beautiful and enormously rewarding, but pregnancies can take a toll on the body that no amount of diet or exercise can correct. Whether you’ve recently given birth, or have been struggling with body confidence after not seeing results years post-partum, you may be interested in learning more about a group of procedures known as the mommy makeover.


A mommy makeover can entail whichever procedures would best enhance a woman’s body and shape. Common reasons and procedures include a tummy tuck, thigh lift, Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, breast lift or liposuction. A mommy makeover refers to combining procedures together to rejuvenate the body, cut down on the cost of having multiple operations, and minimize healing time.



During your consultation, your surgeon will review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and talk with you about the reasons you are interested in cosmetic surgery. In general, you may be a good mommy makeover candidate if you have realistic expectations, you are in good health, and you are at or close to your goal weight (within 5 to 10 pounds, depending on your height). The ideal candidates also do not plan to have more children. While the latter isn’t a necessity, it does make sense (especially financially), as additional pregnancies could alter the results of the surgeries.

Our surgeons will work with you to choose the combination of procedures that will give you the improvements you want, while ensuring the highest level of safety both during surgery and through your recovery.



Our doctors perform most mommy makeover procedures as outpatient surgery in an accredited surgical facility, with general anesthesia administered under the care of a board-certified anesthesiologist. The duration of surgery varies with the number and complexity of procedures you choose, but a mommy makeover generally takes between 2 to 6 hours to complete.


Please feel free to select from the menu below of options which are often included during the mommy makeover procedure:

  • Tummy Tuck 

  • Thigh Lift

  • Brazilian Butt Lift 

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Lift 

  • Liposuction


Post-Treatment Care

Recovery after a mommy makeover will depend on the procedures you have chosen. Your doctor will give you a good idea of what to expect when your surgical plan is finalized. Taking the time to recover fully is your top priority, because you will be less likely to have a complication that could end up requiring additional downtime.


In all cases, we will send you home with written instructions for how to take care of yourself after your surgeries. This will be a reinforcement of verbal instructions that you will receive on several occasions. 


Some bruising, swelling, and discomfort are expected after any surgery. Swelling is usually the last side effect to go away completely. If you experience pain, you can take oral medications. Non-prescription meds are usually sufficient, but if you need something stronger, please use the prescription provided. Compression garments must be worn for a period of time after some of these procedures.



Make sure to arrange for an adult to help care for you and your children for at least the first week after surgery. In general, patients can return to work and most of their normal activities after about 2 weeks. Results from a Mommy Makeover are long-lasting, but they can certainly be affected by weight loss/gain, subsequent pregnancies, genetics, environmental factors, and the natural aging process.